Nagihan Özel 


She was born in 1979 in France. After completing her education at the French High School, she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration. She did her Master's in Museum Studies at New York University in the USA. The Museum Studies department covers museum management, administrative and strategic financial management. In addition, it is a broad-framed academic program that deals with the discipline of the exhibition of both private and corporate collections in open areas, museums, galleries, national parks, government institutions, tourism centers, and also educate academic specialists from collection creation to development, including media and public relations fields. She completed the theory and practice of applied education at the Metropolitan Museum for 6 months.


Ozel closely follows contemporary art calendars, artist profiles, auctions, exhibitions and fairs, and publications of art authorities on contemporary art in Turkey and around the world, and benefits from these developments in her projects.


She has been making projects in the field of Contemporary Art since 2006.